Lecture Series

Acupuncture in Black and White Lecture Series

presented by Jacob Godwin

Jacob Godwin, author of Acupuncture in Black and White has created a lecture series that explores the depths of acupuncture and Qi theory. His lectures draw on proto-Daoist texts such as the Yijing and Daodejing to support fresh interpretations of acupuncture and Qi theory that can sometimes be quite revolutionary.

The series is comprised of several shorter (1-3hr) presentations and a longer (6hr-2day) one. The shorter presentations deeply explore individual concepts and theories within the overall Qi theory construct of acupuncture. The longer version follows Acupuncture in Black and White in reconstructing all of acupuncture theory around the Yin-Yang perspective laid out in the Yijing. 

All of Jacob’s lectures are accompanied by PowerPoint presentations that include graphic detail and thorough explanation. His presentations are inspiring and challenge the listener’s understanding of acupuncture and Qi theory. These presentations are great for both the practitioner and the student, providing a place for both to expand and refine their understanding of acupuncture.  Jacob has a way of clarifying and honoring the traditional ideas by challenging them – this makes for very interesting and interactive lectures. 

Jacob is available to speak to your organization or school. Simply contact him directly at info@acupunctureinblackandwhite.com to book him for your event. 

“Acupuncture in Black and White” 

Acupuncture in Black and White represents a complete school of thought. The book begins with Yin-Yang cosmology and recasts acupuncture theory in its light. The book revolutionizes the art and practice of acupuncture as well as presents the theory of Qi and Yin-Yang as a rational explanation of our world. This presentation lays out the entire ‘black and white’ school of thought from start to finish including: cosmology, Yin-Yang perspectives on mindbody processes, diagnosis, treatment, and even practitioner self-cultivation. Many novel diagnostic and treatment theories are laid out in this presentation with graphic detail including new point combinations and strategies. The book and this presentation are an exciting awakening to the import of what we do as healers and what our art means to the world. 

6 hour or 2 day PowerPoint presentation │ suitable for practitioners or second+ year students

“Qi is Everything – Everything is Qi”

Qi theory founds all other theories in acupuncture. It is because all phenomena are contrasting perturbations of a single field of energy that acupuncture points have their effects, qigong works, and we can correlate seasons, emotions, colors, etc. Godwin draws on the classical texts of Daoism and acupuncture to construct a rational understanding of Qi that can accommodate all the wonderment of Qi-based practices and theories while keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

1 or 3 hour PowerPoint presentation │ suitable for practitioners/students of any level │ webinar version archived at www.healthstream.tv 

“Yin-Yang Dynamics”

One’s understanding of Qi flow depends on one’s understanding of Yin-Yang dynamics. What is Yin-Yang? How do we best use this theory to understand the transformation of Qi in our patients and in our world? Godwin answers these questions by looking to the source book of Yin-Yang theory; the Yijing. The Yijing provides a clear understanding of how complemental opposites relate. The traditional ‘four principles of Yin-Yang’ will be explored from the perspective of the Yijing.

1 or 3 hour PowerPoint presentation │ suitable for practitioners/students of any level

“The Eight Trigrams and Nine Meridians” 

The Yijing is a source book on Yin-Yang thinking. Jacob Godwin, author of “Acupuncture in Black and White: Qi, Yin-Yang, and the Cosmology of the Yijing” has recast the meridian system of acupuncture in light of the Yin-Yang reasoning found in the Yijing. This talk explores the meridian system as a map of Yin-Yang coalescence as it unfolds to form a human being. From the Eight Trigrams perspective found in the Yijing, we can reorganize the entire meridian system into nine meridians. When we do this, we gain an entirely new perspective on diagnosis and treatment in acupuncture. This is a revolutionary understanding of the meridian system and acupuncture in general. Jacob will discuss several new diagnostic methods as well as several new point combination strategies based on his work.

1 or 3 hour PowerPoint presentation │ suitable for practitioners/students of any level │ webinar version archived at www.healthstream.tv 

“The Three Treasures and the Three Fields”

The Three Treasures theory is often presented as three different ‘levels of aggregation of Qi’. In his book, “Acupuncture in Black and White”, Godwin presents the understanding that the Three Treasures are actually three perspectives: the one (Qi) and its Yin-Yang polarity (Essence and Spirit). Seeing the Three Treasures in this way clarifies the mindbody (Spirit-Essence) phenomenon – the very mechanism behind acupuncture. This presentation offers a clear understanding of the cycle through which Qi transforms between its Yin-Yang states to create human life. This talk will explore the Three Treasures as the framework of human life. We will also discuss the Three Treasures’ relationship with the upper, lower, and middle fields (dantian). Understanding this perspective allows for a better correspondence between the practice qigong, meditation, and other internal arts and our clinical practice. This perspective not only refines our understanding of East Asian Medicine, but can help us bring what we cultivate for ourselves into our clinical practice.

1 or 3 hour PowerPoint presentation │ suitable for practitioners or second+ year students │ webinar version archived at www.healthstream.tv

“Cosmological Five Phases”

In Acupuncture in Black and White, Godwin explores several important concepts with a healthy dose of irreverence – the Five Phases theory is no exception. This presentation explores the often-overlooked ‘cosmological arrangement’ of the Five Phases and the implications of this perspective in acupuncture. Several novel ideas regarding Five Phases are presented here including a new way of mapping the interactions between the phases according to the Four Signs of the Yijing. Godwin also proposes a ‘four-stage’ process through which the phases interact with one another. This process has implications in both diagnosis and treatment – both are explored here. This presentation offers an entirely new look at Five Phases theory; it is a must for anyone drawn to Five Phases acupuncture.

1 or 3 hour PowerPoint presentation │ suitable for practitioners or second+ year students │ webinar version archived at www.healthstream.tv

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